Specialising in Close Protection and Event Management


Met Security specialises in all areas of security and investigations in England.
We offer the highest standard of security, which includes the following:

            Close Protection - Body Guarding
            Event Management

            Private Investigations
            Security Consultancy

You can guarantee that we are fully trained and qualified professionals who are registered with the SIA (Security Industry Authority) and are fully insured.

We also offer a FREE consultation for all our clients.

Please contact us for more information.


Met Security is offering SIA certified event security and personal body guarding.

Close protection is not only for the celebrities; we can also provide you with your own special celebrity experience!

So why not treat yourself or loved ones to our unique shopping or days out packages?

These packages include getting picked up in style with an approved vehicle, driver and CPO (Close Protection Officer).

Turn heads, jump queues and experience VIP treatment for shopping trips or nights out all over London, escorted by your very own professional, personal security.

Call us on 02036016651 or email us at info@metsecurity.com
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